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Want Standardization Of Plastic Molds Are Designed, What Should I Do
Oct 24, 2016

1. less than 2020 mold, between a and b need to pry the pit; greater than 2020 mold all templates including ejector plate have to pry the pit.
2. mold processing guide pillar and guide Bush to exhaust ducts, in case the Guide pillar and guide Bush pulled.
3. mold must not have sharp corners, need chamfering process. Except where specified in particular.
4. no welding of die and mold parts without consent.
5. products outside open air vent must be in place, air vent design manual for specifications please refer to the mold.
6. avoid using a grinding machine on grinding in the mold, if not by grinding machine, stone must be used (especially the parting surface)
7. mold plastic surfaces in the surface treatment must be in accordance with the BOM table, or other formal notification of technical requirements. Non-adhesive surface processing lines (line,Milling machines, CNC gongs, spark machine) also used stone.

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