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Unbalance Phenomenon Of Domestic Automotive Injection Mold Development
Jul 11, 2017

  Unbalance phenomenon of domestic Automotive Injection Mold development

  However, although the domestic mold manufacturers have a great vision of automotive injection mold, but the domestic mold development imbalance phenomenon is also worthy of attention. At present, Automotive Injection Mold although China's car production is staggering, but there are many foreign car well-known brands of capital investment and mass production. At the same time, as an important link in mastering the lifeblood of the industry, the development progress of automobile molds is unbalanced. Now China's automotive injection mold industry is still hovering outside the mainstream industry chain. If you want to make great progress, you must study abroad, import key technology and advanced management means. Of course, China's automotive injection mold industry has yet to upgrade its technology, which does not change the global auto industry generally regards China as the preferred vehicle production base of the pattern.

  Looking forward to the future of Automotive Injection Mold

  At present, China's mold industry production value of more than hundred billion, as a tool for the largest use of the automotive industry, prospective Industry research institute automotive injection Mold manufacturing Industry team believes that the "Twelve-Five" period will be 10%-15% annual growth rate, Automotive Injection Mold coupled with China's huge vehicle holdings (at the end of 2011, the civilian vehicle ownership of 105.78 million vehicles) driven by the repair parts market and export market, China's auto parts will also be 1.5 trillion yuan on the basis of a large market to maintain a high growth rate. Future mold Services in the automotive industry will continue to increase the proportion. Forward-looking Industry research institute automotive injection Mold manufacturing industry team expected that by 2015 the proportion of China's mold services in the automotive industry reached 40%, by then, China auto injection mold industry total sales can reach nearly 100 billion yuan, "Twelve-Five" during the auto injection mold industry annual growth rate will exceed 15%, Automotive Injection Mold to 2020 years auto injection mold industry total sales can reach 200 billion yuan, more than doubled in 2015.

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