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Toy Injection Mould Maintenance Content Is Divided Into
Jun 28, 2017

  toy injection mould maintenance content is divided into:

  1 before the mold maintenance

  1.1 to the surface of the mold oil, toy injection mould rust clean, check the mold cooling water hole whether there is a foreign body, whether the water barrier

  1.2 to check the mold plastic sleeve in the arc is damaged, whether there is residual foreign body;

  1.3 mold of the fixed template screws and clamping clamp is tightened;

  1.4 mold installed on the injection machine, the first air-mode operation. Observe whether the operation of the various parts of the operation is flexible, whether there is an abnormal phenomenon, the activities such as guide column, mandrel, row of wear and tear, lubrication is good, the trip out of the trip, open the trip is in place, Tight and so on.

  2 mold maintenance in production

  2.1 mold use, to maintain the normal temperature, not hot and cold. Working at normal temperature, can extend the mold life.

  2.2 Check the mold all the guide pillars, guide sleeve, needle, putter, slider, core, etc. are damaged, to observe at any time, toy injection mould regular inspection, timely scrub, and to regular refueling, daily commute Maintenance twice, to ensure that these sliding parts flexible movement, to prevent tightly killed.

  2.3 before each clamping, should be noted that the cavity is clean, absolutely not allowed to leave residual products, or any other foreign body, cleaning is strictly prohibited to use hard tools to prevent the surface of the bruised cavity.

  2.4 Cavity surface with special requirements of the mold, the surface roughness Ra is less than or equal to 0.2cm, toy injection mould absolutely can not hand wipe or cotton wipes, the application of compressed air blowing, or high-grade napkins and high-grade absorbent cotton dipped in alcohol gently wiped The

  2.5 regular cleaning mold parting and exhaust tank of foreign body glue, foreign body, oil, etc., sub-surface, runway surface cleaning twice a day. Injection mold in the molding process tends to break down the low molecular compound corrosion mold cavity, making the bright cavity surface gradually become bleak and reduce product quality, toy injection mould so the need for regular scrub, scrub can use alcohol or ketone preparations, After scrubbing in time to dry.

  2.6 Regularly check the mold's water path is smooth, and all the fastening screws to fasten.

  2.7 Check whether the limit switch of the mold is abnormal or not.

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