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There Are Several Types Of Blow Mold Structure?
Jun 14, 2017

  There are several types of blow mold structure? What are the characteristics?

  (1) Equal distance open-close mold Equal distance open-close mold structure, is the composition of the mold cavity of the two mold body,blow mould the work can be used horizontal or vertical up and down direction, equidistant opening and closing mode action; The template is fixed, and moved by another template to complete the mold opening and closing mode action.

  (2) hinge mold hinge mold structure is characterized by the composition of the mold cavity of the two halves by the hinge connected into a body, two half of the template by the manual or mechanical.,blow mould Pressure, hydraulic drive to hinge as the fulcrum, along the fixed Of the circular arc action, complete the two halves of the template opening and closing mode action. This mold structure is simple, but also easier to manufacture, more suitable for the shape of a simple hollow blow molding. Due to the small clamping force, blow molding larger hollow products prone to flash.

  (3) special structural form of the mold blow molding a wide range of hollow products for a number of special forms of hollow structure of the structure, such as double-wall structure of hollow products,blow mould with air sandwich box and multi-layer material composite forming shaped hollow Products and other products of the molding, it should be applied to the special form of mold, to meet the needs of product molding.

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