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Precision Injection Mold Gate Design And Structural Form Selection
Oct 24, 2016

1. straight gate
The sprue gate, belonging to the non-restrictive gate.
Advantages: the big end of the plastic melt from main road directly into the cavity, it has a small flow resistance, flow characteristics such as short and long recharge time. This gate has a good melt flow and melt from the Center the bottom of cavity flow to the parting surface, to exhaust; this gate enables injection molding products and feed system on the parting surface projection area, mold is compact in structure, injection molding machine even by force.
When he designed the gate, in order to reduce contact with the product at the gate area, necking and deformation of defects the Prevention Department, should be used as far as possible on the one hand small taper cone angle of the sprue (for 2-4), should try to reduce the thickness of the template and the fixed clamp.
2. the side gate
Foreign watering every tongue should confess that as a standard gate.
Side gate opening on the parting surfaces, plastic melt from inside or outside is full of mold cavity, its shape is rectangular (flat track), change the width and thickness of the gate, you can adjust the shear rate of melt and the freezing time of the gate. This type of gate based on injection product shape to select its location, easy cutting and grinding, so it is widely used.
Advantages: gate section is very small, can reduce the consumption of melt casting systems, remove the gate easier, trace is not obvious. Suitable for injection molding products in various shapes, elongated barrel injection products but should not be used.

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