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Plastic Mould In Storage And Storage Should Pay Attention To What Matters
Oct 24, 2016

⑴ for ease of access, and molds should be used, and occasionally use or waive respectively, such as, establish custody of archives, and the person responsible for the custody.
⑵ in order to prevent mold rust, warehouse store mold should be well-ventilated and dry.
Small mold should be placed in custody, for large and medium sized mold and warehouse at the entrance on the ground floor, with flat sleeper pad, align the bottom surface.
C on the mold surface and all parts should be coated with rust inhibitor to prevent rusting.
D mold storage should be wrapped to prevent dust and debris falling into the Guide bushing and affect the precision oriented.
⑸ store mold should be dynamic and fixed between the pads to limit wood to avoid prolonged pressure on the discharging device failure.
⑹ mould, mould don't open store to avoid removing working parts damaged in the process.

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