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Plastic Mold Making Is Developing Rapidly To Informatization
Oct 24, 2016

China's mold industry currently has more than 10 national high-tech enterprise, about 200 provincial-level high-tech enterprises. Compatible with this trend,
Production mold the backbone force gradually transformed from a technical talents for technology talent is necessary. Of course, now and for a long period of time, technical talent remains important, because relying on the craft of mold, after all, hard to get rid of.
Plastic mould and die production is moving to the rapid development of information technology. In the information society, as a high level of modern enterprise, only CAD/CAM applications is not enough.
At present, many companies have adopted the CAE and the CAT, and PDM, and CAPP and the KBE, and KBS, RE, CIMS, and ERP etc technologies and other advanced manufacturing technologies and virtual network technology,
These are informational performance to informatization development of this trend has become an industry consensus.

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