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Plastic Mold Is The Need To Pay Attention To A Few Issues
Oct 24, 2016

(1) the number of cavities and arrangement. When plastic product design is complete and the material used is selected, you need to consider is to use a single-cavity or multiple cavities molds. Determined taking into account the number of mold cavity: 1 plastic product quantities and delivery cycle. 2 plastic mould quality control requirements. 3 forming the plastic varieties and the shape and size of the plastic parts. 4 the cost of plastic. 5 cavity layout.
(2) the parting surface choices. Parting surface plastic parts should be chosen at the maximum outline shape; determine how beneficial are retained to facilitate smooth part release; ensure the accuracy of the workpiece meets the plastic parts of look requires; easy to mold manufacturing and to improve the effect of exhaust and to side core-pulling.

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