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Plastic Mold Design And Manufacture
Oct 24, 2016

1, the melted plastic from the runner at top speed into a cavity.
2, cavity filled, a rapid cooling of the gate closed, preventing cavities or plastic back that is not cooling.
Gate design of the structure and the size and shape of the plastic parts mold, injection process conditions and performance of plastic parts and so on. but according to these two basic functions, gate section is very small, length should be short, because the only way to meet the increased flow speed, fast cooling closed for easy separation of plastic parts and gate residual traces, such as the minimum requirement.
Gate design main points can be summarized as follows:
1. gate opening in the plastic section thicker parts melt into thin sections from thick sections ensure the filling completely;
2. Select gate locations, filling process of plastic should be short in order to reduce pressure loss

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