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Logistic Concept
May 27, 2017

The concept of Logistic

The concept of Logistic was first formed in the United States, originated in the 20th century, 30 years, intended to "physical distribution" or "goods distribution." In 1963 was introduced into Japan, Japanese means "the flow of things." After the 1970s, Japan's "Logistic" gradually replaced the "flow of things."

China's "Logistic" is the word from the Japanese information to introduce foreign words, from the Japanese information on the "Logistic" the word "Logistic".

China's Logistic terminology standards will be defined as Logistic: Logistic is the supply of goods from the supply to the reception of the entity flow process, according to actual needs, transport, storage, handling, packaging, circulation processing, distribution, information processing and other functions of organic combination Up to achieve the requirements of the user process.

Logistic English name: Logistic Definition: part of the supply chain activities, in order to meet customer needs and goods, services and related information from the origin to the consumption of efficient, low-cost flow and storage planning, implementation and control process.

Logistic: to warehousing as the center, to promote production and market to keep pace.

Logistic management refers to the process of planning, organizing, directing, coordinating, controlling and supervising the Logistic activities in the process of social production, according to the laws of physical material entity flow, the basic principles and scientific methods of application management, so that the Logistic activities to achieve the most Good coordination and cooperation to reduce Logistic costs, improve Logistic efficiency and economic benefits. Modern Logistic management is based on the theory of systems, information theory and cybernetics.

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