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How To Maintain The Blow Mould Equipment
Aug 04, 2017

  How to maintain the blow mould equipment

  Blowing transparent container to a high degree of polishing blow mould cavity, the production process to be polished every time. Use polish and soft tissue to polish the mould cavity, so that a small amount of polishing agent to penetrate the cavity surface, and then use a clean cotton paper to polish until the mould cavity appears so far. Polishing should always change the cotton paper, so as not to scratch the mould cavity.

  Bubble mould clip billet edge worn by the skilled mould workers to repair. Blowing the mould The neck shearing block and the shearing sleeve on the intake rod are the key components and are kept in good condition and will be replaced in real time. For example, when the cutting edge of the cutting block is unevenly worn, the moulded container may leak at the time of use.

  Blow mould cooling channel due to clogging or corrosion and affect the flow of cooling medium should be immediately cleaned.

  Blowing mould guide pin and guide sleeve to regular lubrication, each work at least once a year to replace, to ensure that the two mould alignment, improve mould life.

  Whenever the production or blow mould is stopped, the cooling channels of the mould must be blown with compressed air. The mould cavity should be coated with a protective agent to avoid corrosion and wait for the next blow moulding process.

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