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He Future Development Trend Of Automotive Injection Mold
Oct 23, 2017

China's Automotive Injection Molds in the future development trend is good, since the reform and opening up, there are half a century, and now China's auto industry has been rapid changes, and in recent years, car molds are mainly reflected in the baby carriage, multi-style plastic stroller mold, Car interior parts mold (car cup handle, car hand car car debris box) and other plastic parts on the mold.

Although the Automotive Injection Mold industry has also been a great development in China's Yangtze River Delta region has more enterprises to produce injection molds. But still can not keep up with the needs of automotive injection molds, and even many companies still use some of the older software. UG and other large software has not yet universal, rely on the steps of artificial experience or a lot. How to change this situation?

The development of automotive injection mold industry is mainly China's modern mold manufacturing technology backward, if it is able to vigorously develop the mechanical talent, to achieve automatic mold manufacturing, is bound to bring a new breakthrough in China's injection mold.

Precision is also a major difficulty in restricting injection molds, for China's manufacturing level, it should also be in the mold of the above precision to make a huge increase, with the automotive injection mold structure more and more complex, for the precision of the mold will There is a greater improvement, in order to meet the more accurate mold, for the manufacture of mold equipment will also have higher requirements. Injection mold lathe, grinder, machining centers and other high-precision equipment is also imminent.

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