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Food Container Ie The Inner Packaging Container
May 27, 2017

Food Container, ie inner packaging containers. The use of Food Container or packaging materials for packaging (usually refers to the packaging in the processing plant) is called packaged food. The main purpose of food packaging, the primary purpose is to save food, so that food from external physical, chemical and microbial effects, to maintain food quality, extend the food storage period. The use of sealed Food Container, so that food processing, storage and transportation can be carried out in an industrial way, so that fragmented food processing and skills into food engineering and industry. Food container research areas usually include food packaging materials, food packaging machinery and food packaging technology. Food Container are first involved in food packaging materials, but with the packaging machinery and packaging technology are closely linked. Food packaging materials need to have the main performance is: oxygen, water vapor and microbial isolation, resistance to food corrosion, in line with safety and health regulations. Food Container should usually have a certain strength, reliable sealing, good appearance, suitable for food filling machinery production, to facilitate the use of consumers.

Food Container

Paper Food Container

Industrial paper as a formal food packaging materials began in the early 20th century. Paper and aluminum foil, plastic composite paper made of paper containers appeared in the 20th century, 50 years. As a result of the development of aseptic packaging technology and packaging machinery, paper Food Container have developed rapidly since the 1970s. Paper and paper containers in the entire food packaging material in the largest proportion. US and Western Europe and other economically developed countries, paper and cardboard packaging materials accounted for 40 to 50%, of which more than 17% for food packaging. The advantages of paper containers are light weight, cheap, easy to handle waste, the disadvantage is poor heat resistance and sealing. The current development of new paper Food Container can be used for cooking sterilization of paper cans and folding transport paper shield and so on.

Basic material

The basic materials used for Food Container are:

① kraft paper, is the use of cork crude fiber sulphate pulp prepared. Its strength is higher than the general paper, can be made for large paper bag sugar, flour and rice. The kraft paper treated with synthetic resin has the characteristics of moisture and oil resistance.

② sulfuric acid paper, is treated with sulfuric acid paper, the fiber surface to form gelatinous starch cellulose, with high strength, moisture, oil and heat sterilization temperature characteristics. Can be used for oily food, frozen food packaging, and sometimes can be wrapped in canned paper.

③ wax paper, is treated with low melting paraffin, moisture, oil and sealing resistance characteristics. Is used for a variety of high and low food the cheapest packaging materials.

④ cellophane, also known as cellophane, processed by the pulp by sodium hydroxide solution processing, with high transparency, good heat insulation, oil resistance, beautiful and cheap, widely used in general food packaging. But ordinary cellophane has the shortcomings of hygroscopicity, does not apply to high water content of food packaging. The moisture-proof cellophane treated with polyvinyl chloride copolymer and polyvinylidene chloride resin has excellent moisture resistance.

⑤ composite paper, paper and plastic, aluminum foil and other laminates, full performance, can be used for packaging general food, frozen food, beverages and aseptic packaging.

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