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Continuous Molding Technology Of Large Sheet Metal Stamping
Oct 24, 2016

Large sheet metal stamping molds require higher precision, high precision molds for continuous production, product marketing, molds for high speed production needs more widely. Corresponds to requirements of high speed production along with large modulus of continuity of development more pressing, as an international leading sheet metal stamping die manufacturer gree Daikin through the accumulation of experience in large continuous technology research and development, and precipitation also has industry-leading edge of technology.

Production of large sheet metal stamping molds feature: 1, guarantees better than project mode press the appearance and dimensional accuracy requirement; 2, production speed, at least 35 per minute, more efficient than engineering for the production of 3, production equipment can be streamlined, reduced operations, or even unmanned automated production;

Large sheet metal metal stamping pressure continuous mold of making features: 1, and mold design requirements sent material smooth, the process positioning requirements more high, no scrapes, no block smooth out material, oil, and gas, and electric equipment application phase combined; 2, and than engineering die processing precision requirements more high, parts and the template processing size requirements more high; 3, and assembled equipment, and places requirements big, lifting equipment requirements change, operation assembled personnel requirements experience rich;

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