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Blow Mould Development Trend Is Fast And Long Life
Aug 04, 2017

  Blow mould development trend is fast and long life, only in line with these two requirements of the blow moulding to be able to adapt to the development needs of modern industry. There are four factors that determine the efficiency of the mould, namely, cooling, material, cutting and exhaust.

  The material of the mould material must be good thermal conductivity, and cut the strength of the mouth to be strong, and now generally used to make the mould material is aluminum 70/75, which is a production of high-grade alloy die, the metal processing performance is very advantageous, Blow mould Easy to process. There is also a copper alloy mould also has good heat transfer performance and corrosion resistance, but the cost of this copper alloy is very high, and the weight is about three times the aluminum 70/75, when the moulding machine on the processing time Relatively easy to wear, generally if the copper alloy to the production, usually used method is the welding method or mosaic method. The thermal conductivity of cast aluminum moulds is worse than that of cutting aluminum moulds. mould cavity of the mouth is generally the need for copper alloy or stainless steel mosaic, Blow mould because the hardness and strength of aluminum can not meet the requirements of cutting the edge of the blade. The zinc casting can be made on a steel master. The mould cavity and the bottom plate are cast to a defined size. Due to the insufficient strength of the zinc castings to cut off the plastic, the operating holes and shoulder areas are inlaid with copper or stainless steel. Bottom and neck are also inlaid with these two metals. Casting moulds can also be made of cast copper alloy. It is easier to cast steel by a steel mould because it is pressed by pressure or gravity. These cavities have a number of fine parts made of steel master or ceramic moulds.

  Cooling in the design of the blow mould has a great challenge and very important significance, drilling-type cooling line installed in the most need to cool the place, is to carry out a better production control, most of the mould design in general Have a separate cooling zone, and more than one, Blow mould the neck and the bottom of the need to discharge the most heat, so that the most effective cooling.

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