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Blow Molding Mold Process Conditions Set
Jun 14, 2017

  Blow molding mold process conditions set

  The purpose of the mold adjustment is to meet the minimum wall thickness requirements of the product, the product wall thickness as even as possible,blow mould the product as heavy as possible (to reduce material consumption). A reasonable way to set process parameters is to combine experience with numerical analysis techniques. The basic process is,

  ① use the established computer model, simulation blow mold, cutting parison, clamp plate and other state;

  ② the parameters of the influence of the various stages on the parison wall thickness distribution;

  ③ the simulation results obtained by the analysis, through the computer simulation shows which parts of the wall thickness can not meet the requirements,blow mould and which parts of the wall thickness is thick;

  ④ use of manual experience, adjust the input parameters, repeat ① ~ ③ process to ensure that the various parts of the product to achieve the minimum wall thickness under the premise of the product as much as possible to reduce wall thickness.

  ⑤ on the results of a number of process analysis, comparison, and ultimately determine the optimal process parameters. Stretch blow molding,blow mould also known as biaxially oriented blow molding, is a method of forming a packaging container by means of a method of axially stretching a parison in a high elastic state of a polymer and radially inflating (stretching) the parison with compressed air The Stretch blow molding has one step, two steps.

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