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Automotive Injection Mold Processing Why To Choose High-speed Cutting?
Oct 30, 2017

In the Automotive Injection Mold processing production, a lot of Automotive Injection Mold factory will use high-speed cutting technology, then the use of high-speed cutting for Automotive Injection Mold processing What is the benefit?

High-speed cutting in Automotive Injection Mold processing

During high speed cutting, the tool and workpiece can adhere to the high temperature, which extends the tool life in many situations. On the other hand, in the high-speed cutting use, cutting is shallow, cutting edge of the knife to eat the time is particularly short. That is to say, Automotive Injection Mold the time to feed the specific heat is fast.

Low cutting force loses small and divergent cutter bending. This combination with the constant processing allowance required for each tool and process is one of the prerequisites for efficient and safe processing.

Because the typical cutting depth in high speed cutting is shallow, the radial force on the cutter and spindle is low. This increases the wear of spindle bearings, guides and ball screws. High-speed cutting and axial milling is also a good combination, it has a small impact on the spindle bearings, Automotive Injection Mold the use of this method can be used to hang longer tool and the risk of vibration is small.

High productivity cutting of small size parts, such as roughing, semi finishing and finishing, has a good economy when the total material removal rate is relatively low.

This reduces the Automotive Injection Mold processing of the number of clamping, in addition to the cutting to improve the precision of the Automotive Injection Mold geometry, but also to increase the manual rest and extend the test mold time. In addition, the use of CAM piecemeal and workshop-oriented programming to assist in the formulation of process plans, through the process of progress in Machine tools and workshop application rate. And then greatly shorten the production cycle to improve production efficiency, thereby enhancing the Automotive Injection Mold factory's enterprise market competitiveness.

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