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Automotive Injection Mold Industry Prospects
Jul 11, 2017

  Automotive Injection mold industry prospects, automotive injection mold in the future market demand more and more widely.

  With the improvement of living standards, the car into the ordinary people's homes, the recent years of car sales continue to rise, as the largest injection mold use of the automotive industry, the demand for automotive injection mold mainly from the major well-known car manufacturers of new models and models to change. With the lightweight of automobile manufacture and the development of "plastic substituting steel" trend, most of the components used in automobile interior system, automobile exterior system, automobile safety system and so on are all needed to be produced through injection mould. And the well-known car manufacturers for high-end precision automotive injection mold demand more intense.

  Automotive Injection Mold in the domestic mold industry has a pivotal position.

  With the continuous development of mold industry, automotive injection mold in the domestic mold industry has a pivotal position.

  At present, our country has accounted for about one-third of the mould production in automobile service. In this total of one-third of the mold in the Automotive Injection Mold, while the car stamping mold accounted for 50%, such as the manufacture of a common car itself will need about 1500 molds, which has nearly 1000 of the car stamping die and more than 200 of the car interior parts mold. This shows that the automobile stamping die in the mold industry and the automotive industry's important position.

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