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Automotive Injection Mold And Automotive Injection Molding Product Dimension Control Technology
Oct 12, 2017

Automotive Injection Mold and Automotive Injection Molding Product Dimension Control Technology

With the rapid development of mold industry in recent years, while the new technology, new technology applications continue to expand and progress, from the accumulation of traditional experience to the application of software development has been a qualitative change. CADCAM and CAE's wide range of applications for our mold and mold products, geometric size control technology to open up the space, due to mold and mold products market demand varies widely, in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, structures and other aspects Change the big, demanding, making us in the mold and product production process encountered a lot of problems and difficulties, which how to effectively control the mold and product geometry is also very intuitive on the front of us. For different types of molds and products will have different control techniques and methods. Today, I am here on the Automotive Injection Molding product size control talk about the experience, talking about injection products will certainly talk about Automotive Injection Mold, under normal circumstances I started from the following aspects.

A mold design control

1, the first mold structure, materials, hardness, accuracy and so on a wide range of users to fully understand the technical requirements, including the formation of plastic shrinkage is correct, the product 3D size modeling is complete and reasonable processing analysis.

2, the Automotive Injection Molding products shrinkage, flow marks, dialing slope, welding lines and cracks and other aspects of the appearance of the full consideration of the various places.

3, without prejudice to the Automotive Injection Molding product features and pattern shape under the premise of as possible to simplify the mold processing methods.

4, the choice of sub-surface is appropriate, the mold processing, forming appearance and forming a deburring should be carefully selected.

5, push the way is appropriate, the use of putter, unloading board, push the top casing, or other means, putter and discharge plate position is appropriate.

6, the side of the core pulling mechanism is appropriate, flexible and reliable action, there should be no stagnation.

7, the temperature control with what method is easy to plastic parts products more appropriate, the temperature control oil, temperature control, coolant and other structural circulation system, coolant hole size, quantity, location, etc. is appropriate.

8, the gate form, the size of the material and the inlet, the gate location and size are appropriate.

9, all kinds of modules and mold core heat treatment deformation and the selection of standard parts is appropriate.

10, Automotive Injection Molding machine injection volume, injection pressure and clamping force is sufficient, nozzle R, gate sleeve hole, etc. are suitable for matching.

And so on these aspects of comprehensive analysis of preparation, from the initial stage of the product should be subject to strict control.

Two process manufacturing control

Although the design stage has been fully considered and arranged, Automotive Injection Mold but in the actual production will be a lot of problems and difficulties, we have to be as much as possible in the production of the original intention of the design to find the actual processing more effective and more economical and reasonable Of the means of technology.

1, select the economic adaptation of the machine equipment, for 2D and 3D processing program.

2, can also consider the appropriate tooling fixture for the production of auxiliary preparatory work, the rational use of the tool to prevent the deformation of the product parts to prevent the product pieces of the shrinkage of the fluctuations in the product parts to prevent deformation, improve mold manufacturing accuracy, Small errors, to prevent changes in mold accuracy, etc., a series of production process requirements and solutions.

3, here to mention the British Plastics Association (BPF) forming the size of the error and the proportion of the distribution of the situation:

A: mold manufacturing error of about 1/3, B produced by the mold wear error 1 / 6C imbalance caused by the imbalance produced by the error of about 1/3, D predetermined shrinkage and the actual shrinkage of the error generated by the error 1/6

The total error = A + B + C + D, it can be seen mold manufacturing tolerances should be forming the size of the tolerance of 1/3 or less, Automotive Injection Mold otherwise the mold is difficult to guarantee the geometry of the forming parts.

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