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Automotive Injection Mold A Brief Introdction
May 27, 2017

A Brief Introduction to Automotive Injection Mold

We all know that the car on the application of Automotive Injection Mold is very dependent, while the car products no longer upgrading, only to master the mold production mold injection mold key points in order to make mold production to meet the development needs of the automotive industry.

Automotive Injection Mold The foundation of automobile injection mold design

1. Plastic product design is the focus

Plastic products is definitely a key point in the design of Automotive Injection Molds, the design of plastic products, the requirement is nothing more than as much as possible to make plastic products model simplified, especially the design of the depression is best not to appear in the plastic products design The

Plastic products in the design of the simple requirements is a general direction, because the plastic product design has a lot of small links, simple design is a plastic products for each refinement of the requirements, on the basis of the requirements to meet the various The basic requirements of the link, such as the design of Automotive Injection Mold thickness, it is necessary at the same time as the evolution of the Automotive Injection Mold wall thickness to achieve uniformity, to avoid the uneven thickness of the plastic bit. In the stiffness and hardness also need to meet the standards, which is to ensure the quality of plastic parts of a key link.

2. Classification of plastic products in structural design

Plastic products on both sides of the inside and outside have to meet the stripping standard stripping slope, which is more conducive to stripping. In order to make its appearance smooth, stripping from friction and obstruction, plastic crystal as much as possible in the curvature and texture to do stream and smooth. Plastic products have sharp corners, these corners are rounded, for the curvature of the plastic products in both sides of the peripheral angle. The tension of the curvature should be larger, which is very necessary.

3. The basic requirements of a molded car Automotive Injection Mold for parts

In the strength and hardness to achieve a certain standard, or can not withstand the friction, will affect the quality of construction, the hardness requirements of the minimum can not be lower than the HRC35, very special requirements in the hardness requirements of 50-52HRC above, after the product to make it The surface is shiny, can be achieved by polishing, the other needs to be polished part of the cavity, the production of electronic data on the error and the assembly caused by the error.

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