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Molds do more conducive to long-term development of enterprises
Oct 24, 2016

With parallel engineering and reverse engineering, advanced technology in mold processing aspects application of constantly development, cement mold processing on NC machine proposed has digital passed into, and more axis linkage, and high precision, and efficient, and high flexible, and automation, aspects of requirements; on electric processing equipment proposed has efficient, and low loss, and high precision, and mirror processing, and EDM NC milling cut and the processing center, aspects of requirements; on three seat standard measurement machine proposed has high precision, and high speed (must time within measurement size more), and easy operation, and Has a three dimensional digital scanning systems, low-voltage contact and non-contact measurement, achieve high flexibility and measurement, software function requirement. In short, mold processing equipment should enable the enterprise to achieve high accuracy, high efficiency, flexible and automated process and try to meet the mold manufacturing on high quality, low cost, long life, short-period requirements.
Facing the plastic mold of the world market, particularly in the high-end market this promising big cake, mold machine tool enterprises in China need to understand the latest changes in the market, aiming at the development of mold industry situation, research and development related mold machine tools, to seize the market, widening the space for the its industry in order to facilitate its future development.

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