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Explore the development of mold industry
Oct 24, 2016

High speed and high power high speed machining is development direction, trench cover plastic mold for high speed milling machining has showed great superiority. In order to meet the processing of mold cavity curved surface, the radius of the tool should be less than the cavity surface minimum circular RADIUS, so as to avoid processing tool and the workpiece "interference". Due to the small cutter diameter, thus requiring very high spindle speed abroad high-speed machine spindle speed has reached 40,000 ~10 r/min, Wan min, rapid feed rate of up to 30,000 ~6. Cavity and the trench cover plastic mould parts other parts rough and finish machining in one clamping the workpiece complete, so larger spindle power, medium-size mold milling machine and machining center spindle power is often 10~40kW, and some are even higher.
Multi-axis and good deep cavity machining die cavity for complex six surfaces and grooves formed and many ditches with deep cavities cover plastic mould. In order to achieve the 3D surface of high precision and high stability, high speed processing, need multi-axes of machine tools, and has a good deep cavity machining capabilities. Five-axis machining centers can be used, in addition to outside the three-axis linear motion, there are two feed motion of rotating coordinates. Milling head or table can be continuous rotary axis feed, which is suited for machining mold parts with complex cavity surface.

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