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Development of mold industry to promote the development of other industries
Oct 24, 2016

50, foreign steel, mold steel for all conventions. In the 60, in order to save raw materials and improve the accuracy of rough, with little or no cutting and forming technology has evolved rapidly, in order to improve production efficiency, using a lot of high pressure processing equipment, presses, hammers were gradually replaced. Original properties of mould steel is often unable to meet service conditions on the properties of high demand, affecting the use of mold life and pressure processing popularization and application of new technology and new equipment. The late 70, precision and large engineering plastic products are widely used for high speed road Crown mold with a sharp increase in the demand for steel, for plastic mold steel also puts forward new requirements, but there was no special steel for plastic mould in China. Since the 60 's, with support from the relevant ministries of the State, China's science and technology workers, with condition, developed a number of new die steel, some excellent performance, process performance is also better steel mould manufacture and users welcome. During this period also introduced some foreign General steel, some of which steel production to try and achieve good results. For some good cold work die steel and hot-working die steel, authorities also organized a performance comparison test, made a selection and application recommendations. In order to meet the needs of high wear resistance, long life molds, late 50, carbide has a rapid development in China, and also developed a wide range of steel-bonded cemented carbide used as a mold made good results.

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