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Consequences of plastic mold trapped gas
Oct 24, 2016

1. quality of plastic products will cause a great impact, product flow marks on the surface, gas lines, weld defects.
2. injection molding filling process difficult, easy local form. Gas cannot be discharged, will increase the injection pressure, resulting in the cavity mode-locked easily enough Flash.
3. melt filling the gas is compressed in time because of the plastic mold temperature, easily lead to partial carbonation charred plastic product.
4. melt by injection into formation of gas bubbles, resulting in loose plastic products organization, strength, affecting the quality of plastic parts.
5. trapped air makes internal residual stress of plastic products is high, easy to form a weld, not only affect the appearance, but also affects the splice marks.
6. the gas cannot be discharged, reducing the rate of melt-filled, forming the cycle time lengthens.
Consequences of these due to trapped gas, injection molding problems can be resolved only through an improved exhaust system, and cannot be resolved by adjusting the injection parameters.

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