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China's machinery industry there are still a number of problems
Oct 24, 2016

1. business equipment behind, enterprise support is not enough
In recent years, although many of the production equipment was upgraded, but there are quite a number of companies are still using old, shabby, outdated production equipment, directly affects the quality and market competitiveness of our products. Especially lead industrial upgrading in the region's industry leading, scale enterprises supporting no effect is not prominent, not strong ability to resist risks.
2. product quality is not high, the transformation of high-tech enough
Our mechanical products more than more than more than 400 series, tens of thousands of varieties, but some product grade is not high, the market competition is not strong. Quality products not according to the standard, most enterprises maintained by da Lu Huo Yuan, electric processing equipment low price competition, high cost and low tax rates.
Shortage of skilled personnel is also a very prominent problem in China's machinery industry, the lack of high-level technical talents, the frequent movement of technicians, directly affect the development of China's machinery industry. Due to the shortage of technicians, technical level is not high, some production processes to meet the design requirements, new scientific and technological achievements into productive forces also encountered difficulties. Within the enterprise, full-time staff lack of education, low staff quality, far from enough to meet the needs of development and become the bottleneck of development of enterprises.

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