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China plastic mould limited
Oct 24, 2016

A good market need to be supported by product, product innovation for the growing needs of the market, constantly catering to the market, then slope mould development is more stable in the early, but to better improve the market. Apart from business efforts need's support, China's mold exports facing difficult questions is actually the product quality and the product of a single cause. Competition among enterprises has increased year by year, because competition makes mould quality declined. In addition to models of quality more than ever, yet more plastic model quality can only be regarded as production capacity is too low. Also subject to the level of management innovation of the enterprise overall quality of staff, needs to improve. In Germany, and Japan mold most employees are college graduates or trained, at least 10 years of work experience, Enterprise technician ratio is high, most enterprises in 25%, some 50%, many enterprise employees can often swap at the technical and production positions. So the meeting there were some problems in the process of production of plastic mold, we are constantly looking for.

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